Transfer Fee vs. Trophies Won

This data was collected by username Prasannah Jagannathan for He has created many infographics for sportskeeda and has 5.11K followers. He often posts infographics about football, especially Manchester United and Barcelona.

I wanted to include this infographic for a specific reason. Most of the other sources have shown that the more money you spend, the more success you will have. However, that is not always true. Manchester United have spent the fourth most of the premier league teams, but have the most success by far. With 18 trophies, United are 5 ahead of Chelsea and 12 and 13 ahead of hated rivals Liverpool and Manchester City respectively. Also, it is amazing to see that these teams dish out millions, almost billions and still are profitable, thriving entities. That is a testament to how much money these clubs make on a yearly basis. Even a team such as Tottenham, who spend the 6th most amount of money in the premier league, are still making profits and thriving, yet they have won only one trophy. Success is not guaranteed with money, at the same time success isn’t always needed to still make money.



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