English Football Finances – 1981 to 2011

This infographic was compiled by the soccerlens reporting team from soccerlens.com. Soccerlens is a popular English reporting website that specializes in football news. Soccerlens may not have won any awards themselves, but that is only because they have the designated job if giving out the award for best football website, called a soccerlens award. They are a consistent source of news on all things football.

Soccerlens uses this inforgraphic as a visualization of the changes in ticket prices, player wages, transfer fees, average british earnings, the laws of the game, and success for football clubs over a 30 year period (1981-2011). They show how ticket prices, player wages, and transfer fees have become massive in comparison to what they once were. Also, they show that the average british earnings have increased, but not nearly as much as ticket prices or players wages have. They compare the current average british earnings to a footballers yearly earnings and find that the player earns 395 times as much as the average british citizen. The trend for the weekly earnings of players shows a huge spike once the year 2000 was reached and, in the current day, players like Carlos Tevez are being paid £286,000 a week. In addition, soccerlens looks at the progression of the world record transfer fee as the years go by. It took a drastic jump in 2009 when Cristiano Ronaldo was bought for £80,000,000 from Manchester United.

Please click on the infographic.



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